Monday, July 12, 2010


My friend, Linda, was the first person to inspire me creatively. She was always involved in some project. At times I would find her hand quilting a beautiful blanket...decorating cakes for friends... scrapbooking her daughter's high school memories... cross stitching ornaments for her beloved Christmas tree...tending to her flower and vegetable garden... or baking wonderful food in her kitchen. Whenever I came to visit, she always had some project that filled her days. I saw the joy it brought her, and I knew that I needed that in my life also.

This is one of my favorite cards I made using Dreamweaver stencils. It brings me such peace and joy. Today I have another dear friend that continues to encourage me. She recently became a member of the Dreamweaver design team. Be sure to visit her blog for more inspiring ideas.

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  1. Thank you, you made me cry! But happy tears of course.


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