Sunday, December 13, 2015

wrapped in love ...

Love is what is in the room with you at Christmas,
If you take the time to stop opening presents ...
and just listen.

Listen to the sound of  "oh, thank you Santa", as a child tears open that special gift he has been waiting for all year ...

Listen to the squeals of delight as a wife opens that special blue box and discovers that piece of sparkle or perhaps a new lens ...

Listen to the sound of  "oh, that is just what i wanted" as Dad opens a box with yet another tie ...

Listen to the sound of tears as she opens to find a treasured family heirloom that has been passed down ...

Listen to the sound of laughter as that crazy gag gift gets open ...

Listen to the sound of music that fills the home ...

Listen to the sound of clatter as the dinner is being    prepared ...

All these sounds and so much more are sounds of  love.
Be present to hear the sounds of love surrounding you this holiday season.

Until next time,

Monday, December 7, 2015

peace ...

"if ever there is tomorrow when we're not together ...
there is something you must always remember.
You are braver than you believe,
stronger than you seem,
and smarter than you think,
but the most important thing is,
even if we're apart ...
i'll always be with you"
~ winnie ~ the ~ pooh ~

My dear Aunt passed away yesterday ... when i received the call from my cousin, 

I . Just . Knew.

She had been sick and in the hospital, but she was home now and was doing great ... joking about all the handsome doctors she had met, telling me about the nurses that she became friends with ... she was at home again making soup and snuggling with her dog. Roxi.

Everything was going to be okay.

But within two weeks she started having problems again ... and this time her problems escalated rapidly.  

And within days, just like that, she was gone ...

When i read this quote, i knew this is exactly what she would say to me, if she could.  She was always the person who understood me the best.  She always had great advice and listened ... really listened.  She was such a gift in my life.

So it is time for me to go on, without her.  I will be little braver ... a little stronger and maybe a little smarter because of her.
And i truly believe she is with me.

I love you Aunt Carolyn ... 

Until we meet again ...

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

advent hat and mittens ...

"take time ... slow down ... be still
be awake the Divine Mystery that looks so common
yet is wondrously present"
~edward hays~

Ready or not ... the holidays are here.

I am ready ... 
however the gifts are not bought and wrapped ... the cards are not made nor the envelopes addressed ... the tree is not lit, decorated or even set up ... my antique ornaments are still wrapped in their boxes ... in fact i do not even have my lists started.

But i am ready.

I am ready to take my time, to slow down and to embrace and enjoy all the traditions of the season.  My wish is to be present in each moment.

My first Christmas tradition is the advent calendar ... this year instead of opening little doors, i surprised my daughter with this adorable calendar.  Each handmade hat and mitten is filled with small gifts ... one  for each day till Christmas.  It hangs over her bed on her headboard ... a front panel of a vintage upright piano.  Each morning i know she will wake up with such joy and excitement of discovering a new little surprise ... what a great way to start a new day!  

It is the perfect way to start my day also ... to see the joy and delight in her eyes ... perfect.

So let the season begin ... i am ready.

Until next time...

Friday, November 20, 2015

time to step away and reboot ...

"step away ... self~check ... reboot"
~kim klassen"

What is it about some people ... why do i feel such an immediate connection. People that just "get" me.  Those friendships i treasure and hold on tight.  
There are even those people i feel a strong connection to that i have never met.  I read their words and they always seem to resonate.  At times i wonder how is this possible ... a complete stranger.

like~minds ... soul~mates perhaps?

Then there are other people ... no matter how hard i try ... there is just no connection.  Some are people i know well, people that are in my everyday life. 
In fact the harder i work at the relationship ... the greater the disappointment.  As i grow older, i am learning to let these people go ... 

Tonight is one of those nights, when i need to step away and reboot.  You see, I should be at a charity event tonight ... after all i made all the centerpieces for the event that will be actioned off.  My daughter's achievements will be mentioned ... but for all the wrong reasons.  
These are some of the people that disappoint.  
These are the relationships that i need to let go.

So tonight instead of putting on my finery and a facade ... 
i will heed my friends advice ... 
i plan to wrap myself up in a blanket, cuddle by the fire and listen to the falling snow ...

step away ... self~check ... and reboot

Until next time...

Monday, November 16, 2015

alittle fall faffing ....

"look deep into nature,
and you will understand everything better"
~albert einstein~

a new class by an inspiring instructor ... sunday stillness

     a nature walk with my two doodles collecting bits ...
          time,  a nice piece of quiet stillness ...

What more could i ask for?

until next time ...

Friday, January 16, 2015

finding a little sanctuary ...

"i don't like formal gardens.
i like wild nature.
it's just the wilderness instinct in me, i guess"
~walt disney~

It is Friday ... and time to link up with Kim's friday finds.  I love how she has magically formed a like~minded community ... total inspiration!

Recently we went to the happiest place on earth .  It has been twenty years since we were last there ... alot of changes ... alot the same.

I was psyched ... all those photo ops just waiting for me. My camera and lenses were packed, the batteries charged and extra cards bought.

And then just two weeks before we left ... as luck would have it ... i broke my foot!

So i found myself rolling thru Disney in a wheelchair ... you can only imagine my views ... alot of tooshies ... all shapes and sizes!  Needless to say i did not take many photos.

But as we were leaving Animal Kingdom one evening ... i just had to stop rolling and pull out my camera ... hundreds of wild ibis in the treetops.  I had stumbled upon an amazing sanctuary in the midst of all the excitement of Disney.  I had found MY happiest place ... smile.

So the Disney photo ops will have to wait for my next trip ... but you see i am a proud owner of a time share at the Grand Floridian ... so i know i will be back real soon ... and this time i will be WALKING with my big girl camera at my side!

If you find yourself with alittle extra time today, be sure to click here to find some wonderful inspiration!

Until next time ...


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

give alittle bit ...

"give a little bit, give a little bit of your love to me..."
~roger hodgson ~

Late last year ... before the holidays, my dear mother~in~law passed away.  Why always around the holidays?  She had been ill for many years, but had always somehow managed to rally and be present for the next family gathering ... Christmas, Easter, graduations, weddings, Thanksgiving, birthdays ... I know that is what kept her going ... her family.

But now the holidays are over and the time has come to start sorting through her belongings.  It is a very slow process as each item is rediscovered and remembered. 

I was so honored to receive her turkey salt and pepper shakers.  They were HER mother's and were always proudly displayed on her Thanksgiving table.  If you look closely you will find the color beginning to wear away after decades of use.  But that is exactly what makes them so special ... so lovingly worn from being passed from hand to hand around the table. 
The older I get ... and wiser ... I know that these are the things that mean the most in my life. The fact that she gave a precious little bit of herself to me ...

So as I set the Thanksgiving table this year, I will lovingly and carefully place them on our table to keep her tradition alive. 

Today I am linking up here with Kathy's fun Song~ography ... a "fun mash~up of photography and song ... a visual song to "Give a little Bit" and Kim's fabulous texture Tuesday here.  If you have a few moments be sure to visit them and  discover amazing inspiration. 

Until next time ...