Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Knitting Mends the Soul...

The best cure for a stress filled day, is a pair of knitting needles. It is the constant repetition of the needles that I find so relaxing. I think I could knit all day. I started a knitting class, the Joy of Sox. This week we are knitting the cuff. Next week...turning the heel! I have taken this class before, many years ago, but boy, did i need a refresher! These are made from the softest alpaca with some nylon to give them strength. They will be so comfy on our cold winters. Sox are the perfect project to take with you anywhere, it travels so easily. I am very lucky to have a fabulous knitting store right in my hometown. Visit them here for more classes and inspiring ideas. So whether it is knitting, quilting, paper arts, cross stitching, painting, or whatever your sure to pick up your project and melt away that stress!


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