Monday, October 18, 2010

Quintessential Fall (part 2)...

I continued my fall photography class this week. Each morning I wake to find a new lesson and prompt in my email. I have loved the challenge! It has been a beautiful week to take long walks with my daughter and my camera just looking for that right shot!

Morning light...
"find something that whispers the kind of quite reassurance
you need to ease yourself into your day."

keeping it simple...
"find something that appeals to you and use
light around you to illuminate it."

fallen beauty...
"your job today is to search, rescue and revere."

"find a palette of a single color, hue or tint and study the intricacies
just begging to be discovered and framed by your lens."
little reminders...
"we all have certain words we need to hear. Sometimes they change, other words always stay the same. Take a picture, a simple reminder."

Whether you are with your camera or not...take time to look for the small beauty that at times goes unnoticed.

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