Friday, January 28, 2011

Winter's Details...

I am so sorry i have been gone for so long. It has been a tough January, but now I am back!

I have been busy taking several on-line courses and I am having a blast! My favorite class is my Picture Winter ecourse. Everyday my teacher gives us a prompt that we have to photograph. There are about 300 class participants from all over the world. It is so exciting to see every one's photos. I have learned so much and even have made several online friends.

Today's' prompt is "Winter's Details". Winter in the Midwest can be so dark and dreary. When the big picture looks too grey and uninviting, it can help to slow down and focus on small details that reveal a quiet beauty unique to the season...a dried out blossom peaking out thru the snow...a fallen autumn leaf that is frozen in a sheet of ice...a milk pod that has broken open but still has its seeds that have managed to hold on thru the harsh winter. The beauty is in the details just waiting to be found. Today when this endless winter starts to get the best of you...go outside and look for winter's details!


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