Friday, December 30, 2011

holiday magic...

It is that time of year again...the week after Christmas.  Things have slowed down abit at our house and we head off to the zoo for alittle more holiday magic!  I just can not seem to get enough of all the christmas lights!  I know that in a week, they will all disappear.  All we will be left with is the cloudy, dark, cold days of winter.  Brookfield Zoo was truly aglow with colour everywhere!  I wonder if the animals are enjoying the holidays too?

The zoo sign was aglow with changing colour as the dolphins jumped with joy!

Hundreds of trees were decorated with thousands of lights.  There was even a
talking tree that just amazed the young and even us old kids!

The lighted displays glowed in the dark!

Even the swamp was delightful!

As we left for the night, the magestic exit was amazing!

Even though there are no little ones in our house anymore, and my old bones get so cold at night,  i am still glad that we make this a family tradition each year!

Until next time...

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