Monday, January 30, 2012

breaking the rules...

I am taking several amazing on line classes this winter...
Beyond Layers with Kim Klassen
Journey of Recognition with Katrina Sloma
One Little Word with Ali Edwards

Each class is very inspiring and i have learned so much about myself and photography. 
Our lesson this week in Journey of Recognition was to explore the rules of photography and to discover which rules we are breaking.  If a rule is not working for the is okay to break it in order to make our photo more creative.

The one rule i have been breaking recently is the "proper exposure" rule.  I have studied long and hard with my new camera to learn how to take photos with the correct exposure in the manual mode.
But lately i have broken that rule.
I have wanted to achieve a lighter, more dreamy look to some of my photos.  So I have purposely over~exposed my photos to get "the look" i wanted. 
In my Beyond the Layers class, Kim has helped me to
"see the light"!  :~)

I am also linking this post up to Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday. 
Our prompt this week was to add at least one layer of her wonderful new texture,
Be sure to click here to see everyone's simplicity photos.  It will inspire you to get out there and shoot!  :~)

"There is only one happiness in life~
to love be loved"
~george sand~

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  1. Hello Nancy Jean,
    I liked to read about your experience and your choice of over-exposing photos on purpose to create that dreamy look you wanted to capture. Well, you have certainly managed it very well with the two examples you show here.

    I especially appreciate the second shot because of the angle and feeling of freedom in movement it gives.

    I am guessing that you have done a fair amount of processing on both of these images as it makes them look more like artistic postcards than real flowers.

    I am realizing, by looking around me, that there are so many photo "embellishing" programmes being used and even courses to learn how to use them.

    The dreamy look really suits your style. Breaking free of exposure rules has allowed you to achieve this. Well done!

  2. Hi Nancy Jean. Your soft flowers are lovely. I just spent some time looking at your previous posts, and the thing that strikes me is that all of your photographs express gentleness and gracefulness. Even the photos with vibrant colors appear gentle to me. To me it looks like this is your style. We are all learning so much on- line, isn't it great?

  3. I have been discovering Kim Klassen textures recently also. Very nice!

  4. I think you did a great job breaking the exposure rules, very creative, a beautiful lightness to your photos :)

  5. Such a delicate photo- love it!

    I recently discovered over-exposure when I was learning about exposure from Kat's Basic Photography course. The extra light caused the scene to appear like a water color painting. I have yet to follow-up on that concept, but eventually will.

  6. I appreciate a thoughtful approach to photography, and enjoyed reading about your process here. I love how you've achieved an almost translucent light in the center of both of your flowers -- gorgeous work!

  7. Your images are gorgeous. I also love to break the exposure rule...I seem to be drawn to soft, dreamy captures. Thank you for visiting my post :-)

  8. Hello Nancy Jean it is nice to meet another overexposer in the FYI journey, Thankyou for sharing, i am also in Beyond layers.

  9. Yay! Discovering that there is really no exposure "rule" is fantastic. The creativity that you can achieve with exposure is wonderful. You shared some great examples, of how overexposing helps you to create these lovely images. I like to purposely underexpose, to set a mood. Letting this rule go will serve you amazingly well. I can't wait to see what else results!

  10. Hi Nancy Jean,
    By choosing your own correct exposure, thus breaking a "rule", you have created your own vision of reality and what a wonderful, artistic vision it is! The light delicacy of these images is so beautiful and feminine. Isn't working in manual mode great? Having the power to make your photo "say" what you want it to.... it feels good! My favorite is the second capture. Besides the coloration, I like how the flower and lettering balance each other so perfectly.

  11. Nancyjean thank you for your kind visit and comment on my blog! I truly appreciate it! :D I love what you did here! So beautiful soft and lovely! :D I'm very happy I stopped by your beautiful blog! Have a lovely rest of the week!


  12. You're doing a great job of combining the concepts of Journey of Recognition and Beyond Layers into some great images. I think I'm in the minority here, but I like the first photo best because the color and focus contrast between the flower and the vase really sets the flower off to its best advantage. Good job!

  13. Your photos are georgous...simply beautiful. Like you I spent much time learning correct exposure. Now that I've done that, I also would like to achive a much lighter look. I don't consider it breaking the rules when it turns out this beautiful. Enjoy your journey.

  14. I love your lovely soft and gentle looking flower - that seems like is a good rule to break this time.


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