Friday, February 10, 2012

one little word...dream

My one little word...dream
This month our prompt is to see our one little word through the eyes of our camera.
We could photograph our word both literally and figuratively.
This was a favorite prompt for me...i just love to find a reason to use my camera!
dream 1
 a beautiful leather journal... my desire to do more reading
dream 2
a stack of vintage suitcases... my desire to travel and explore
dream 3
the Eiffel tower...need i say more?
dream 4
my make it a more peaceful and beautiful place
dream 5
a vintage learn more about photography
dream 6
a dreamy flower... to enjoy and spend more time out in my garden
dream 7
my expand my time and techniques with knitting
dream 8
my worn out walking spend more time taking long walks
I am sure that more dreams will reveal themselves to me as this journey continues!

"a successful person is a dreamer whom someone believed in"
~author unknown~

Until next time,
sweet dreams...

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