Friday, July 5, 2013

friday find...7.5.13 edition

It is the end of the week and time for my favorite find.  Friday Finds is a place to gather and share...a chance to cherish life's simple pleasures...

oh... i am just bursting to share my Friday Find with all of you!  I have been impatiently waiting for a new app to be born and Wednesday was the day!  
I woke up at 4am to the birds chirping...i stretched...rolled over... fumbled for my iphone and scrolled thru my emails. 
To my delight...there it was...the newly released app. 
There was no way that i was going to fall back to sleep...oh no. I was wide eyed at that early morning hour playing with my new purchase.
Okay, by now i hope i have caught your attention...
drum roll please...
It is the Rhonna Designs App...
If you have fallen in love with Rhonna Designs on your computer...her new app will send you over the moon! It is chock full of eye candy for your iphone photos.  You can spend hours...days...creating all kinds of fun additions to your images!
And this came right on the heels of my new online class...iphone photography...serendipitous ?  I think so!

Today i am linking up with Kim Klassen's Friday Finds.  If you have a moment be sure to click on the beautiful button below to discover more exciting finds.

kim klaxon dot com

Until next time...

p.s....the photos were taken with my big girl camera...photoshoped with one of Kim Klassen' textures and then I popped it over to my iPhone so I could use the PicFrame app and Rhonna's new app!  Love how PicFrame lets you round the corners of your collage...


  1. I don't have an I-Phone but I do have an I-Pad. I'll check this app out.

  2. Oh how I love chalk full, rather than chock, it implies coloured pastels. I adapt it to choc full, thinking of chocolates :-)
    Language is there to be played with.
    Is your big girl camera a canon?
    I'm amazed at the quality of your i-phone photos.
    I don't have a phone, not even without a camear: still behind the times.

    1. camera: sorry: I am keyboard dyslexic.

  3. Thanks Nancy will have to check it out. I am a sucker for a new app regardless what it is. :) Junky I am.

  4. I can feel your excitement through the screen, and perfect timing for the Phone Photography class.

  5. Looks like a great app, NancyJean !
    Lovely flower collage !
    Nice weekend,

  6. Oh yes I love it too gorgeous and so are your photos.....

  7. This is lovely...I also just purchased this app. I'm still trying to figure out how it works, but it seems the possibilities are endless!

  8. Well this is definately a great find Nancy. I love how it made a tryp tick of the photo!

  9. Hi Nancy, I'm coming over from S2F. Pretty good stuff for Day 1, huh?

    I can see why you were so excited about this new app. I'm checking it out now; what a great little app!

    I love the arrow in your collage, way cool!


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