Sunday, July 21, 2013

love is all you need...

In this week's Beyond Layers 2.0, Kim challenged us to take photos of our dear furry friends.  Oh...i do not think i have a more favorite subject to photograph than my two darling mini goldendoodles. 
 Jake, the red, is two years old and Cody is our baby, 6 months.  We hesitated bringing a second one into our family...twice the work, twice the bills, twice the training....
But from the moment we saw him he captured our hearts and they both have become such precious members of our family.
Quite often i see Jake kissing Cody...some say that it is a sign of respect...or maybe it is just that Cody has a little taste of his dinner left on his fur....but either way my two boys have bonded and that is such a good thing!

Until next time...



  1. Oh Nancy, these two mini's have captured my heart! I didn't know the goldendoodle came in a mini - just so cute!!! I think I would have two of them as spite of all you say about "twice".

  2. Your images are so lovely. Love coming to visit!

  3. Puppies are just the best, love the love Nancy.

  4. They are so precious...My son and his wife have a mini goldendoodle and that dog has taken our entire family's heart.....

  5. these two are adorable - I love them! your photo captures them perfectly!


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