Friday, January 17, 2014

friday finds...

"the biggest thing as i have gotten older
is the calmness that has come over me..."
~jason giambi~

I love Friday Finds, with Kim Klassen..."it is a place to gather and share...a place to cherish life's simple pleasures"...doesn't that sound like such a inviting place? 

My "find" this week is to rediscover my calm and simple life.  It is so nice to have found life like this once again.
The hectic holidays are over ... the tree is down, gifts lovingly placed, thank yous written and the antique ornaments are safely put away till next year.  The house is so much less ... less clutter ... less stress.  Just calm and simple.

It is so comforting to settle into January ... candle lights,  falling snow, the warmth of the fireplace, knitting, my cozy blanket, downton abbey ...  Can you tell, I definitely love to hibernate?

Once January is over, I am renewed and ready to go again.  But for now I am savoring my calm and simple life.

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Until next time...


  1. I am restless already and it is only half way through the month. The quiet is so delightful though, after a busy month through the holidays.

  2. Your image shows your calm, beautifully done Nancy, love the pop of red. Your home sounds peaceful with the fire burning and the cozy blanket.

  3. I love the simple white and red! Just beautiful and peaceful!

  4. It is nice to wind down after the hectic holidays. Your photo gives that sense of calm, I love the berries. Lovely.

  5. Perfect Nancy my knitting is out by my chair along with a pile of books, have a great weekend...

  6. This is so calming and enjoyable to look at, and read. The hibernation instinct has arrived here as well. Enjoy!!!

  7. calm is good...and downton abbey is too! love your photo and your sentiment...

  8. Oh, how lucky you are! Calm and simple ... that's a beautiful thing!

  9. You capture your thoughts. . . Beautiful!

  10. That image is certainly calming. Lovely! Glad you're enjoying the simplicity of January!

  11. A wonderful simple and calming picture and nice that you put the eye-catching little red berries next to it.

  12. I so love your photo, NancyJean, wonderful !
    Enjoy the calmness ...
    Nice weekend,

  13. Hi Nancy,
    wonderful scene! Just lovely!
    Thanks so much for your nice words on my blog!
    Have a great weekend.


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