Sunday, January 26, 2014

let it go...

"the cold never bothered me anyway..."
~idina menzel~

Today is Sunday once again...and time for Kathy's Song~ography linky party!  Each Sunday Kathy has a "fun mash~up of photography and song titles"... a visual song, if you will.
This week's chosen song is "let it go" by Idian Menzel... a song featured in Disney's latest movie...Frozen.  

Once again it was a song that i was not familiar yesterday my daughter and i decided to brave the cold, high winds, and snow and go see the movie.  Frozen was a perfect movie for such a wintry day!  

As i watched the movie, i thought maybe Chicagoland also has an icy spell cast upon us.  This has been the longest winter EVER.  We even have had temperatures colder that the north that is just ridiculous!  I am so not a queen Elsa .... the cold sure DOES bother me.

I feel myself getting restless...

My knitting and quilting have kept me busy ... but a girl can only do so much.  So i broke down and started doing some deep cleaning ... closets, pantry, under beds, basement, baths... 

But enough is enough...maybe an act of love is needed to break this icy spell and bring on springtime!  

If you have a few moments...and who doesn't on these long winter sure to click here to join in on the song~ography linky fun!

until next time...


  1. It has been a crazy cold winter back home too.
    But what a pretty photo you chose!

  2. I like your sparkly snowflake shot - especially with the bokeh in the background. Having some cabin fever over here, too. Glad to hear that you ventured out to catch the movie. Maybe I'll bundle up and do the same! (not sure if I'll join you with the deep cleaning - but if this frozen weather keeps up, who knows!

  3. Beautiful bokeh behind your sparkly flake. I hear you on that cabin fever, but I'm gonna read not clean. I'll be sorry later.

  4. Beautifully textured picture - very fitting! I am absolutely, completely 100 % with you on this cold. And I am only in New Jersey. But I don't know when it was this cold this long...

  5. i am afraid that I am nearing that cleaning stage, two more single digit days ahead.

  6. Oh girl, I have been knitting till my fingers are drawing but no no no I can't start deep cleaning.....It makes me sick just to think of it...I think I'll go knit some more....all kidding aside I know what you mean about this being a long winter...We all have to promise to not complain next summer when it's hot.....Have a good week...

  7. I'm so glad you went and saw the movie! I am a self professed NON "Disney Princess" movie lover (I use to make the Better Half take the kids to these movies when they were younger...yes, he's a good sport! haha). But there was just somethng about THIS one that called to me. And I am sooo glad I listened and went. Not your typical "princess movie messages" in my opinion. And I agree with you, the one line in that song that I DON'T agree with is "the cold doesn't bother me anyway"...haha....stupid line :) :) :). Thanks for joining in on Song-ography!

  8. Stunning ornament/charm. I have so much deep cleaning to do and we have been in such a deep freeze that I have no excuse. Glad you enjoyed your time out with your daughter - I miss those outings. (my teenage son most likely wouldn't do Frozen with me.)

  9. Winter certainly is hanging on here too.
    Love this shot! Subtle yet beautiful bokeh!

  10. Lovely interpretation of the song. I hear you on winter, it's not my thing either. I so look forward to the renewal of spring. I should do some "deep cleaning" myself but so far am lacking the motivation.


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