Sunday, March 2, 2014

we are love ...

"we are love ... we are one ...
we are how we treat each other when the day is done ..."

Today is Sunday once again ... and Sunday would not be the same without Kathy's Song~ography linky party!  Each week Kathy has a "fun mash~up of photography and song" ... a visual song, if you will.  This week's song is "nothing more" by the alternative routes.

Oh my ... such a beautiful song ... and such a beautiful message.  It was written as a tribute to those children that were killed at Sandy Hook elementary school ... such a deep reminder.

I thought hard about how i could do this song justice. 
I decided to make a collage of my ancestors ... so many generations ago.  The photos are not perfect ... but i am so thankful i have them.  
Each one of these dear souls is my hero ... each one of them have lived and loved.
I have never meet any of them ... each died long before i was born ... but they are my family.
we are all connected ... we are all one.

If you have a few moments ... be sure to click here to join in on Kathy's song~ography linky party ... and see how others have connected with this lovely song.

until next time...


  1. This was so well said and such amazing pictures to share!

  2. You have NO IDEA how close we were to having VERY similar photos and interpretation! I love that you went this route! Thanks for sharing with Song-ography.

  3. Thank you Nancyjean…I did not know that the song was written as a tribute to the Sandy Hook killing.
    Your interpretation is wonderful and a beautiful homage to the people who came before you.

  4. I love what you did. The collage is wonderful. It is important to protect and preserve old photographs like these.

  5. Awesome tribute to those who have helped shape your family.

  6. The imperfections of old photographs is what makes them special.

  7. Very nice mosaic, I love viewing these old vintage images!! What a wonderful take on this weeks song!!

  8. This is one of those posts that I wish I had thought of. I've actually been working on family geneology all week. I love your insight here. I see a collage in my future of my own family and some of the songs words on the frame. You have inspired me.
    Lovely post!


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