Sunday, April 6, 2014

happiness is ...

"clap along if you know what happiness is to you ..."
~parrell williams~

Today is Sunday once again ... and Sunday would not be the same without Kathy's Song~ography linky party!  Each week Kathy has a "fun mash~up of photography and song" ... a visual song, if you will.
Today's song choice is "happy" by a Parrell Williams.

You know those kinda days that you feel that you are just bursting with happiness ... when your whole being feels bright? 

I had one of those happy kinda days on Saturday.  

My daughter was asked a few weeks ago to be an ambassador for Illinois Special Olympics at a musical benefit ... to write a speech about her experiences with Special Olympics and what it means to her. 
When we arrived at the concert we were so surprised to see just how huge this event was ... so many people! 
She whispered to me that she was nervous.  I reassured her ... but truth be told i was just as nervous for her.  You see one of Michelle's disabilities is her speech ... and reading is not really her forte either.  
As her turn came ... i was on pin and needles ... why had i agreed that she would do this ... why had i put her in this situation?  I sat there just praying that she could complete her speech and not freak out over the number of people in the audience that were listening to her every word.

As i watched her up on that stage, my fears faded as i listened ...  she read with such confidence ... she was so at ease!  She did not miss one word ... she delivered her speech perfectly!  

And the applause ... all that clapping for my daughter ... brought those wonderful happy tears to my eyes.

If you have a few moments ... be sure to click here to join in on Kathy's song~ography linky party ... and find more happiness!

until next time ...


  1. How inspiring! Such a lovely young lady.
    A very happy week to you both!

  2. You let you go and grow, which is the best gift you can give her. Yay for Michelle and Yay for you!

  3. Oh my goodness...this just gave me goosebumps! I can only imagine the happiness and joy that filled your entire being, seeing your daughter accomplish this despite her nervousness. It's moments like these that are the payback for a job well done mom! :) Thanks for sharing your happiness at Song-ography. And P.S.....what a beautiful girl she is!

  4. loving and letting go came to mind....roots and wings, you have allowed her to fly!! what a joyfull time for both mom and michelle. she looks like a beautiful girl with a loving spirit!!

  5. Such a proud moment for you. Your daughter looks very happy & that is wonderful that she was able to give her speech and did so with such joy.

  6. Catching up with your posts…you must have a been so proud of her! Well done and have a happy weekend!


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