Friday, August 8, 2014

friday finds ... butterfly days

I love Friday finds with Kim Klassen ... "it is a place to gather and share ... a place to cherish life's simple pleasures" ... doesn't that sound like such an inviting place?

"Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, 
but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you."  
~Nathaniel Hawthorne~

Today i set out in search of butterflies.  All the bright summertime flowers are in bloom and the day was perfect.  I grabbed my 70-200 f2.8 lens with the 2X extender and off i went.  These were gifts from my husband this year ... he "gets" me :~)

But no butterflies ... the harder i looked the more i got discouraged.  An hour went by, and all i had were shots of flowers.  And as pretty as they were ... they just were not butterflies.  Finally i gave up and sat down to rest.  

And then,  just as stopped pursuing them ... not one ... but two beautiful monarchs flew right in front of me.  I sat there quietly shooting photo after photo of these delicate creatures.  

They danced their way from flower to flower while i happily clicked away.  I brought home over one hundred photos of these beauties.  
I have found that photography has taught me to slow down and be patient ... be still ... and that perfect photo just might appear.  

If you have a few moments, be sure to click on Kim's adorable button that will lead you to more delightful finds.

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  1. Doesn't always seem to be that way? We work hard at something to avail then when we give up, there is it!

  2. Oh Nancy, I think I would have fainted these are gorgeous, the beauty of the blue of the wings, truly wonderful.

  3. These are fantastic Nancy and you are right about patience...

  4. beautiful! We never see monarchs around here anymore

  5. Beautiful butterflies. My husband gets me, I just wish he would get the idea that I want/need a full frame camera :)

    1. Hi Sarah ... two years ago my hubby bought me a full frame ... swoon. He thought that I needed it ... he is a keeper!

  6. The act of being patient about photography is often the thing we photographers need, and don't admit to...I'm so happy these beauties came along, and you had all the right lenses. They are gorgeous!! A nice hubby too, who "gets" you. Mine is like that.

  7. That quote about happiness is one of my favorites. That blue butterfly is just gorgeous! This whole series is wonderful.

  8. oh yes... patience..... what a gift beautifully captured nancy...

    so happy for you..... have a beautiful weekend.. xo

  9. These are just lovely / glad that you were rewarded! :)

  10. OMG! What beautiful blue. Those who sit and wait are rewarded.

  11. Those butterflies are gorgeous, NancyJean !
    The flowers too ... all so beautifully captured !
    Have a nice week,


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