Friday, October 17, 2014

friday find ... moody

"you have to remember that the hard days are what make you stronger.
The bad days make you realize what a good day is ..."
~aly raisman~

It is Friday once again ... and time for another Friday finds with Kim Klassen.  "It is a place to gather and share ... a place to cherish life's simple pleasures".  Doesn't that sound like such an inviting place?

Oh my ... what acouple of weeks.  I have found that if I reach down deep inside ... I might find that little bit of extra strength to keep on going. 

 Two weeks ago Michelle broke her finger right before she left for training camp for Team USA.  Here she was heading out to Indianapolis for a week of training ... her final test before they picked the top Special Olympic gymnasts to compete in World Games ,,, and she tripped!   And guess which hand ... you guessed it ... her right!  Talk about bad luck! 
Then acouple of days later I was walking my doodlebugs and somehow their leash cut right through the top of my hand.  Fifteen stitches, four doctor visits and two antibiotics later I think that I am finally on the mend.  And guess which hand ... you guessed it ... my right! 
And just when things started settling down, Michelle returned from training camp ( she got the spot on Team USA) and got sick ... really sick.  So I have been spending my days and nights trying to nurse her back to good health.  And praying that the big bad bug does not spread through our house! 

During all of this I started shooting some dark, moody images ... I guess because that is kinda how I have been feeling lately.  
And you know what?  I love the look! 

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  1. Such great news that you daughter made the team, awesome. Such bad luck with the finger but so glad it didn't stop her from getting on the team. Hope she gets well soon and all the bad luck is behind you all. I love the dark mood you have presented here with the hydrangea. Wonderful piece.

  2. Oh my goodness!! I sure hope both of you are healing. Wow, I love your moody hydrangea Nancy. Would love to hear your thoughts on the class you are now taking. The quote is such a good reminder on any day. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I often turn to dark and moody, the contrast is always just right. I hope Michelle feels better soon, and everybody stays out of trouble :)

  4. Congratulations on your daughter making the team! What a wonderful accomplishment, especially with a broken finger. Your dark and moody image does look great! I hope your family is healthy soon! Have a great weekend!

  5. Congrats to Michelle for making Team USA! I love your dramatic, moody beautiful. What a trying time you have had but hang in there it always turns around and gets better.

  6. Nancy glad to hear you are both on the mend, these things always seem to come at once. I love your moody shot so subtle and such a pretty colour.

  7. so sorry to hear about all your mishaps, Nancy,,,, hoping everyday will get a bit better,,,, I love your moody pic,,,,, super work!! take care,,,

  8. Oh Nancy! First, congrats to Michelle for making the team! You all must be over the moon. Second, I'm sorry about your hand. Ouch! You must be overjoyed to be on the mend from that. And lastly, congrats on making lemonade out of lemons! Your image is hauntingly beautiful. Well done!

  9. That was kind of a roller coaster time! The joys of accomplishments and then the downs of accidents and illnesses! Glad to here you both on the mend! Love the hydrangeas!

  10. Oh, NancyJean, I missed the exciting news ... congrats to your daughter !
    And so sorry about the bad luck, hope it's going better soon for both of you ...
    Lovely dark and moody image ... and a great quote, I've jotted it down in my notebook !
    Have a nice weekend,

  11. Sorry to hear about all the accidents and bugs, but wonderful news about your daughter :) Beautiful moody image indeed, lovely with the purple tinge to the flowers ♥

  12. The dark and moody look of the hydrangea photo - love it! So sorry you've been on a streak of unfortunate incidents - bound to turn around! Congrats to your daughter for her accomplishments and hope your hand mends quickly, too. The quote - I'm adding to my favorites!

  13. Hope that both of you will get better! The image of the flower is so pretty.

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