Friday, October 3, 2014

friday finds ... the breakfast of champions

It is Friday once again ... and time for another Friday finds with Kim Klassen.  "It is a place to gather and share ... a place to cherish life's simple pleasures".  Doesn't that sound like such an inviting place?

"all happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast"
~john gunther~

If only that quote were true ... how easy would it be to attain happiness ... sigh ...
It has been weeks since I last posted ... I have been so preoccupied ... all the meetings, the practices, the packing.  I am just bursting to tell ... I think next week I will finally be able to shout it from the rooftops. 
But until then ...

My find this week are these lovely dishes I stumbled upon at my new favorite antique store ... The Salvaged Heart.  The minute I saw them I just knew they needed to come home with me ... just perfect for those fall meals.
I have a confession to make ... the real reason I bought them was to use as a prop ... you see, i have become a prop addict. I find myself spending many hours driving to out of the way salvage stores just looking for that perfect prop that will take my photos from good to great ... or maybe just better ... smile.
I have fallen in love with vintage transferware dishes ... the soft blues and rich browns.
Unfortunately i am having trouble finding them ... but when i do, my heart skips a beat! I know i can quickly go to ebay or etsy, but then i would be missing out on the thrill of the hunt!  
I am also searching for a cute pair of antique scissors ... I know one day I will find THE one and when I do believe me I will be over the top excited!
And vintage silver ... LOVE!

If you have a few moments, be sure to click here to discover more delightful finds.
until next time ...


  1. Yes, I love that china ... so very perfect for autumn, and I hear you about shopping for props! I love the composition in first image ... the spoon at the top, the berries ... lovely!

  2. Beautiful china setting Nancy, and love the Bittersweet.

  3. Lovely china, and I am in love with that spoon! Your 'from above' shot is wonderful. Perfect composition. Well done!

  4. Yay, glad you finally posted. Oh yes, the thrill of the hunt. Can't beat that. Your photo is perfect! Sounds like you might be moving!

  5. Love your finds, transferware is one of my loves,especially the blue and the pink, I have quite the collection ! Now I am a bit of a prop addict too ! Love that spoon, such an unusual shape, your photos are wonderful !

  6. Lovely! The china is perfect for fall! Also love the spoon!

  7. So nice to see you here Nancy...and so glad you brought your new/old dishes with you...they are sure pretty...I'm looking for old keys...there is always something to be looking for and like you I like the hunt.

  8. You new to you china is just beautiful! Love the composition, and the berries just add the best Autumn touch! Hope you find the scissors you are looking for too! I love stumbling upon a special piece in an antique store.

  9. I was thinking when I saw this photo (before I read what you'd written) that was a lovely set of dishes to eat breakfast on. They really are pretty and you will give them lots of love. - I never think to buy stuff for photo props. Guess I should start looking around.

  10. Oh, these are just gorgeous! What a lovely way to enjoy breakfast.

  11. You are so right the thrill of the hunt is everything. If I can't personally see it and touch it I wouldn't buy it. You never know where all that poking around at antique stores will find you. I love all the things you love. I don't have any of the transfer ware but my grandma did in her china cabinet when I was growing up. Not sure what happened to that amongst her moves and passing away. Precious items lost. Can't wait to hear the big excitement.

  12. Vintage silver, be still my heart and little scissors I would love. It can become an addiction can't it ? I really have to restrain myself ! Looking forward to the reveal...

  13. I love everything about your photos. i also search for transferware, the reddish pink ones. Just have one cup and saucer. Hmm...I'll have to use it in some photos. And the silver is to die for. Thanks for sharing these finds with us.


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