Friday, January 16, 2015

finding a little sanctuary ...

"i don't like formal gardens.
i like wild nature.
it's just the wilderness instinct in me, i guess"
~walt disney~

It is Friday ... and time to link up with Kim's friday finds.  I love how she has magically formed a like~minded community ... total inspiration!

Recently we went to the happiest place on earth .  It has been twenty years since we were last there ... alot of changes ... alot the same.

I was psyched ... all those photo ops just waiting for me. My camera and lenses were packed, the batteries charged and extra cards bought.

And then just two weeks before we left ... as luck would have it ... i broke my foot!

So i found myself rolling thru Disney in a wheelchair ... you can only imagine my views ... alot of tooshies ... all shapes and sizes!  Needless to say i did not take many photos.

But as we were leaving Animal Kingdom one evening ... i just had to stop rolling and pull out my camera ... hundreds of wild ibis in the treetops.  I had stumbled upon an amazing sanctuary in the midst of all the excitement of Disney.  I had found MY happiest place ... smile.

So the Disney photo ops will have to wait for my next trip ... but you see i am a proud owner of a time share at the Grand Floridian ... so i know i will be back real soon ... and this time i will be WALKING with my big girl camera at my side!

If you find yourself with alittle extra time today, be sure to click here to find some wonderful inspiration!

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  1. Can you imagine the view children have from strollers. No wonder they get cranky. Hope your foot is healing and happy to see you found such a great spot.

  2. Wow a timeshare what a treat. The only good thing about being in a wheelchair is that you get to the front of the queues !!!!

  3. Ouch, sorry about your foot, hope you're healing fast ! Lol at your view of tushies !

  4. I hope your foot is doing better. I can imagine the view from sitting was a little less than desired. My husband got a kidney stone a few weeks before spring break last year, we cancelled our Orlando trip. I was just glad he got the kidney stone at home and not in Florida. The birds are beautiful!

  5. So sorry to hear about your foot, hope it heals soon. Beautiful birds!

  6. Sorry to hear about your foot, Nancy Jean. What bad luck for it to happen just before your trip. The wild ibis are beautiful; such lovely photos. Wishing you better really soon, Bonny

  7. Oh , I hope that your foot is healing well and you are out and about in no time. Love the pictures of the wild ibis.

  8. Grand Floridian! Very nice. You have memories regardless whether you have photos or not.

  9. Wow these birds are pretty impressive. I hope your foots is mending well.

  10. Personally, I find all "tooshies" beautiful in their own way... No matter their shapes or sizes. "It's easy to love a rose, but it takes a lot to love a leaf. It's ordinary to love the beautiful but its beautiful to love the ordinary"


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