Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Teabags are not just for Tea Anymore...

I have found a new wonderful medium to stamp on...the teabag. This is not just any ordinary teabag, it is a drawstring teabag. I have searched long and hard on the internet to find these. They are made in England and unfortunately the company does not ship to individuals here in the States, only to businesses. It was very hard to track down a business that carries these. But i did not give up...i found them in a wonderful garden shoppe, Terrain. What did we do before computers and the Internet. It has created a lovely way to broaden our world. But do not get me wrong, i still love, love, love the hand written letter. They come to me far and few between, but when i do receive one i absolutely treasure it!

I am really digressing! I found it best to use a dye ink pad on the teabag. It does bleed just a tad, but i think it gives it such a soft look. Just one thing to note, be sure to place cardstock inside the little bag so no ink will bleed thru.

Its possible uses are endless. I was thinking that they could be filled with dried rose petals to be tossed at a wedding...hint hint :-)

or how about a wonderful lavender sachet?

or filling it with loose tea or tiny treasures?


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