Monday, March 21, 2011

All stacked up...

Week 4 of Picture Inspiration.  Our assignment is "All Stacked Up".  Look everywhere and you can find stacks and stacks...some wanted and some unwanted!  Unfortunately, sometimes my unwanted stacks get alittle out of control, like the stacks of bills, the unread mail, the newspapers, the magazines and the many articles i pull out to read but sometimes never get the chance.
But the wanted stacks are so inspiring, like this stack of vintage books. These beauties are on loan from my friend, Louise.  She enjoys shopping the flea markets, and antique stores searching for them.   I just love the look of these old broken down bindings, the faded pages and the rich colours.  There is such a wonderful feeling knowing that many generations before have read them.
 Which brings up the debate, the fancy e-readers versus the good old-fashion book.  In my opinion, the book wins out every time!  Part of my reading experience is just holding that book and turning those pages.  The electronic readers just do not give me that extra sensory input that I love.  Besides generations from now could never capture the romantic feel of this photo with those e-readers!

footnote:  while you are reading this post, we are on our way to Iowa to get our little darling Jake!

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