Thursday, March 17, 2011

more and more rhythm...

Help me...i just can not stop!  I entered another photo to my Picture Inspiration class this week.  I just could not resist showing off alittle of my knitting!  I started this sweater last winter and i now only have the sleeves left to complete!
It is my first attempt at a fair isle pattern.  Each and every stitch is charted, similar to counted cross stitch.  Every stitch then has to be counted when i knit to achieve this pattern.  Also it is the first time that i have knitted with two colours in the same row.  I am constantly changing with almost every stitch.  One miscount and the pattern is broken!
I used a rich grey and ivory alpacha fine wool that i found at my favorite knitting store,     Wool and Company.
I thought this was a beautiful motif that fit the assignment to a tee!
warmly, NancyJean

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  1. Hi Nancy-- you commented on my little red golden doodle puppy over at Picture Inspiration. Piper is a FB1 Golden doodle from Ft. Collins Colorado- She just turned 1 a couple weeks ago! We have another 4 year old Blonde golden doodle and you can see them both over at my blog: YOu may have to go back a few posts to find them-- but I have some awesome winter shots of them. They are just fantastic dogs. Piper is still a bit wild--- our other one Brooklyn has been super calm since the day we got her-- but Piper has a little more poodle in her. Brooklyn is a 1/2 and 1/2 doodle and she came from a breeder in Virginia. I love these doodles! So excited for you to get your puppy. Is it a boy or girl?? My husband and I are born and raised in Iowa, so where is the pup coming from?? Thanks for your note!!


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