Monday, March 14, 2011

and the rhythm continues...

And here we are in week 3 of Picture inspiration.    This weeks assignment is to photograph yet another aspect of the definition of rhythm...."a pattern repetition of a motif."  Now i had to ask myself, what is the definition of a motif? I discovered that a motif is a recurring form or shape in a design or pattern.  Okay, now i knew what I was to photograph this week, but what was my subject and how was i do shoot it creatively? As I looked around, i saw repetitive patterns everywhere... in my dining room drapes, my kitchen dishtowels, my bedspread, the mosaic tiles in my kitchen.  But every shot i took just was uninspiring.  This weeks lesson was a real struggle.
And then in the middle of the night when all my ideas usually come, i remembered my measuring cups!  They were my inspiration for the week.  I just love the colourful patterns on each cup and how they can nestle one inside of the other. These beauties were found at Anthropologie.  They have great finds for the kitchen!
 After many shots and a little photoshop magic, my assignment was complete!

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