Thursday, March 31, 2011

Infinity and beyond...

This week's assignment ~ infinity and beyond.  We were to find a repetitive form and photograph it on a diagonal.  Then to add even more interest, we could use a low f-stop to get that soft backround.  When photographing a repeating shape on a diagonal, makes the image just seem to go on infinity! 
Unfortunately this week, i did not have too much alone time due to my "best friend" Jake.  But i did manage to sneak out to the Fayban Estates and capture the beautiful vintage gates leading onto the property. 
I desaturated the colour in photoshop to achieve the black and white effect.  Then I applied a Kim Klassen texture to give the photo soft white edges.

Later this week I was visiting my father's grave and realized that the tombstones were perfect for the prompt...repetition photographed on a diagonal...infinity and beyond. 
There is a section of the cemetery that dates back to over a century ago. The headstones are starting to crumble but they are still reminders of the families who lived here generations ago.


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