Monday, April 4, 2011

my first walk...

I had my first walk around downtown Geneva on Saturday. It was the perfect spring day, sunny with those big white puffy clouds, tempurates in the 50's...a perfect day for a walk.  We drove down to the river because mom and dad said that i could not walk that far yet.  I LOVE those car rides.  The minute the car starts up, i stretch out and fall asleep.
But it was a short ride, before i could find a good place to snuggle up, the car stopped and we were at the bike path along the picturesque river.  I jumped out of the car...actually i was lifted out...way to far for me to jump yet.  I saw all kinds of people, bikes, and dogs running along the bike path.  boy did it look like fun.  They had me on my leash...which has now become my new appendage...and off we went.  I only walked along for about one foot, when i saw some wonderful leaves to chew.  Another foot later i found a great twig.  Then a pile of goose poop...well, you get the idea.  I guess my family got impatient with my exploring and then something wonderful happened.  Dad picked me up and carried me all the way!
Look at me....I am flying!

After a long walk around town, I gave my daddy a lick and snuggled up next to him the rest of the way!  This was a great walk...i can not wait for the next one!
Bow Wow Wishes,

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