Monday, March 7, 2011

Introducing Jake...

Our quest began after the holidays, during the cold frigid days of early January. Our son and his fiance called all proud and excited to tell us that they brought home their new baby...a french bulldog. The moment we met Elwood, our hearts melted! From that moment, we knew that we needed a little puppy in our lives again.
Suddenly we found ourselves immersed in doggie research. We have always had shelties but this time we wanted to try another breed. We considered the adorable TeddyBears, a cross between a ShihTzu and a Bichon. They are so cute, but come on, can you see hubby taking walks with one? Then there was the Havanese, a Barbara Walters cute, so intelligent, but too much long hair. Breed after breed was studied.
And then the GoldenDoodle was discovered! Not just any goldendoddle, but the F1b mini goldendoddle. It is a cross between a mini goldendoddle and a mini poodle. When full grown they are about 25-30 pounds. Now we are talking! Cute, intelligent, no long hair and the kind of dog i could see my hubby taking for walks...the perfect match!
After much web surfing, we found a breeder in Iowa. We called and as luck would have it, they just had a litter of F1bs. The deposit was sent and every week the breeder would send us pictures of the puppies. It was so fun to see their development each week!
The selection date grew closer. How could we possibly choose one when they were all just too cute? We took the long four hour drive to Iowa on Saturday. The entire way we were studying the pictures trying to decide how to choose our puppy. We studied the eyes, the paws, the coat, the ears, and the size.
But then we walked in the door, and there he was...THE ONE. We fell in love with him the moment we saw him. We knew that he was the one coming home with us.
Now we anxiously await March 21st when we can go back to Iowa and bring him home. In the meantime we will be busy getting things ready for his arrival!

After all...where would Elwood be without his Jake?


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  1. OH I bet you ARE IN love!!!! He is just precious! Looks alot like my Piper when she came home-- She had a curly coat under the puppy hair, so she looks alot more poodle, but the Non-alergic and no shedding is awesome!! this little one is just darling!!!


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