Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh, what a fun day...

Easter Sunday was that perfect day. The day started off so nice, calm and innocent.   The skies were blue and sunny, the tempurates were nice.  It was a great day for a walk after church.  The daffodils are still in full bloom along the bike path.  Jake even paused to pose for a photo!  Isn't he just the sweetest, cutiest dog??

The day continued and Jake started to look for trouble.  He found Rick's new nice white leather Nike running shoe.  Even though the shoe is about as big as he is...he did manage to carry it into the dining room and begin to chew the shoelaces.  But not long after, he realized that leather was really really good!

But then trouble really started!  Elwood came for a visit.   The minute Jake saw little Elwood the fun began! They started rough housing and did not stop all day.  The boys had a such a great afternoon! 
The camera was shooting and we got THE perfect shot!  It says it all!!

The boys were so tired that night, they could barely climb into their crates before they were snoring!
What a great way to spend an afternoon!!
Hoping your Easter was a good one too!


  1. LOL that shot of the playful faces is priceless!

  2. Oh my goodness! How adorable! That last shot says it all! LOL! :D Too cute!

  3. Your dog(s) is just adorable.. they are such sweet mischief makers at this age.. it is hard to be cross at them! Kind of like children, really. I thought you captured the play between them perfectly.


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