Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Poppies and a little texture...

It is Kim Klassen's texture Tuesday once again.  This week has flown by!  We had my future daughter-in-law's bridal shower here at my home on Saturday.  My sisters in law and I have spent weeks preparing for the big day.  Our work paid off...it was a beautiful shower and the bride to be was overwhelmed! 
Today i had some "me time" and I spent it photographing flowers out in my garden.  One that i love is my poppy.  Its flower is so delicate and detailed.  I just had to use it for today's challenge.
I first applied the yesteryear texture using soft light at 100%.  I used my eraser tool to remove some of the texture from the flower and bud. 
I then applied Silence using soft light at 35%.  Again i erased so of the texture from the flower and bud. 
This processing gives the photo such a soft romantic look...almost like a painting!

Below is the same photo SOOC...straight out of the camera.

I do have to say that i love this photo SOOC also.  It has such vibrant colours. I love the bright yellow stamens against the pure white petals.  The poppy really stands out from the deep blue back round.  Don't you agree? 

 Be sure to click on the Texture Tuesday link below to see what others did with the yesteryear texture!
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  1. I actually really like both of them and found it too impossible to choose! Beautiful.

  2. Terrific texture work!!

    Glad to be following you now!

  3. They both look so nice. I just love poppies :)

  4. lovely!! poppies are my favourite flower so I will have to try some textures with them.


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