Tuesday, August 2, 2011

anything goes...

It is texture tuesday again!  This week's assignment was to add any of Kim Klassen's textures to a photo.  Easy Peasy...or was it?  It has been so hot and humid and rainy here.  I just have not felt any ambition to get up and go outside to photograph.  I know that it sounds as if i am complaining...I am!

This photo was from my archives... my all time favorite walk... "the walk and gawk" up at Lake Geneva in Wisconsin.  The path winds all around the lake, 20 some miles.  As you walk, you have views of the beautiful lake on one side.  On the other are magnificent homes and gardens.  There is beauty everywhere.

I first duplicated the original photo...that allows me to play around.  I then desaturated the photo to about 50%.  I used the erase tool at 80% to bring back some colour to the flowers. This gives a nice soft green backround to the grass.  
I then applied Kim Klassen's beautiful Aurora texture to the photo using the soft light filter at 100%.  Again i used the erase tool on the flowers.  I duplicated that layer again.  Look closely and you can see the neat script at the vintage feel to the photo.
The last step was to add one of Kim's new brushes.  I "stamped" Love on the final layer.  When i was happy with the look,  i flatten all the layers to save the final photo. 
I just love playing around with textures.  To see more, be sure to click on the link below.

Until next time...

So who do you think she will choose?  Ben or JP?  Right now i think it is looking like Ben,
since her sister does not like JP.  But i know that is what the producers want you to believe.  Oh why do i watch this show?  I should be out taking photos~


  1. Everyone needs a little mind rot now and then. Lovely photo! I absolutely love sunflowers!

  2. Really great editing here!! Love the texture work!

  3. I've walked around Lake Geneva many times - it is a beautiful place. You're so lucky to live there!

    Your photo is is lovely - no wonder it's a favorite.

  4. It's beautiful, Nancyjean! I'd love to take that walk!


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