Friday, July 29, 2011

organic lines...

Week 23 of Picture Inspiration.
  The days have gotten away from me and i have not entered a photo for weeks!
The wedding is over and i am getting my groove back.
This week"s prompt is to photograph organic lines...those lines found naturally in nature.
What i love about these prompts is that it makes me open my eyes and look...really look and explore.

My first photo is a marco shot of one of my daylilies.  Look at those lines of the stamens, they seem to be reaching up to the sun.  Look closely and you can see all those raindrops.  Unfortunately we have had rain, rain and more rain.  More rain this month than Houston has had this year!
We even broke the 122 year record for rainfall in the month of July!
My flowers are about the only ones that love this weather!

My second picture is a photo of my clematis.  Its spent flowers are still beautiful.  This is how Picture Inspiration really makes me look at all the beauty around. 
Tonight i worked on learning how to use brushes in photoshop elements.  If you a newbie to photoshop brushes, be sure to check out Kim Klassen's site for a video explaining how to download, save and use these super fun brushes! 
In this photo, i first duplicated it...this allows me to play and save the original.  I then desaturated the photo so just a hint of the colour remained.  I applied the dream brush to the photo and added the texture.  I ended with a dreamy photo of  my clematis! 
Brushes and textures are just too fun!


Until next time...

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