Monday, September 12, 2011

creative health...

I signed up for wonderful ecourse ... creative health. 
Dr. Shamanie Haneca teaches us the fundamental building blocks to create a healthy lifestyle... ways to optimize my health. 
I am learning to eat better foods...foods that i have always shied away from just because i have been afraid to try them.  Hummus, gluten free foods, a larger variety of grains and legumes, agave nectar... these are just some of the new foods i have introduced to our diet this week.
Who knew that everyone in our family would love the black bean salad.  Now i have been adding those beans  to just about everything.
I can not get my daughter away from the red pepper hummus served with slices cucumbers, carrots and yellow pepper not tell her that it is pureed garbanzo beans!
And let's not forget about the coconut milk ice cream!  Super delicious without the dairy that can upset my stomach.

Tonight i made a delicious quinoa salad.  Quinoa is a whole grain, an ancient South American staple.  It is grown 11,500 feet in the Andes.  It is so rich in nutrition with a fluffy texture and a sweet nutty flavor. 
 I added red and yellow bell pepper, red onion, dried cranberries, garlic, lime and extra virgin olive oil.
Just preparing the ingredients was a visual treat!

The dish was so fabulous and delicious.  Everyone loved it! 
 And little did they know that it was so so good for our health.
I served the salad with cantaloupe, blueberries and salmon.  What a great meal!

This class is forcing me out of my comfort zone and challenging me to try new healthy alternatives.

Whole Foods has become my new favorite store.  The closest one is 30 minutes away, but it is so worth the drive.  I am looking forward to all that I can learn in the next month of class and testing all the yummy healthy recipes!

"Let thy food be thy medicine"   hippocrates

Until next time...

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