Tuesday, September 20, 2011

nature photography...

boy, am i having fun this fall.  For the first half of the year it was all about the wedding.  Alot of time and effort went into the planning, and it turned out just like the happy couple had hoped!
But now it is time for me, me and me!
My world consists of pixels, fstops, shutter speed, ISO, composition, exposures, light, and of course my DSLR.
I am taking another class...not an on line class this time, but a real face to face class.  Intro to Nature photography at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle Illinois.  The arboretum offers alot of photography classes...in fact you can complete them all and become a certified nature photographer.  This class i am taking is a prerequisite for almost all other classes. 
It meets for 17 hours, both class time and out in the field.  For tonight's class we needed to send in three photos that we took on Saturday for a critique.
To say that i am nervous is an understatement!  However, our instructor has told us that there are no "bad photos"...well, we shall see if he feels the same way after he looks at mine!

This first photo is of the ground cover gardens.  Not only do we need to achieve the "correct exposure" according to our camera, but we need to read the histogram and make any necessary adjustments.  For composition, i was trying to have the path lead your eye thru the photo.

I am not at ease taking landscape photos.  For one reason, i do not have a wide angle lens...yet.  I am much more comfortable shooting an intimate scene with my 50 mm lens.
I just love the daisies up against the old wooden fence i found out in the field. 
I love the colours and the sunlight that plays in this photo.  I hope my instructor does also!

My final photo is of a rusty fence with the yellow flower in the foreground.  I love how the fence fades into the back round achieved by using a lower f-stop.  Again, i tried to have the fence lead your eye thru the photo.

Well, wish me luck tonight!  I just hope that Hank remembers that no photo is a bad photo!!!

"The perfect technique is an attitude of mind" ~ Ansel Adams

Until next time

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