Friday, October 7, 2011

change is in the air...

The fantastic weather continues and we are taking full advantage.  Yesterday we traveled up to Lake Geneva to walk the "walk and gawk" again.  I just can not get enough of its beauty.  Change was in the air.  The temps were still warm but you could just feel the change.  The docks were empty and some were even taken down for the season.  Boats were docked, but not being used.  Chairs were empty.  The leaves were starting to change their colour.  We could see one lone boater and jet skier on the peaceful!

I started playing with my new wide angle lens and polarizing filter.  I still have much to learn because this is a different technique of photography than what i am used to.  The photos are wide sweeping and can have alot of depth.  No close up shots today!
I did manage to capture these shots...but many found their way to the garbage can.  I found out that i need to learn about hyperfocus...very mathematical.  It is a formula that allows you to be focused at some near point and then "to infinity and beyond" ...yes, just call me Buzz Lightyear!  I am going to have to dig deep into my math skills to master this one!
As far as the polarizing filter goes, right now i am just dialing it until i think it looks reduces the glare off the water and deepens the blue of the sky.  But again, another whole subject to study.  I sure am having fun with my studies!

"Let the beauty we know be what we do"  ~ rumi

Until next time...

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