Wednesday, October 5, 2011

wow...what a week so far!

And it keeps getting better and better!  I put down my broom, turned off the washing machine and unplugged the iron. I did not even make the beds!  This week is just too beautiful to stay inside and do the housework.  It can and will wait.  I just have to get outside and enjoy this beautiful weather.  I know that once Halloween comes, the weather will change and all this beauty will be gone.  It is like i get outside and i am like a kid in the summer...i never want to go back inside!
Earlier this year i bought a pass to the Morton Arboretum and have enjoyed many trips there.  But i just found out that this pass has reciprocity with other places, including the Chicago Botanic Gardens.  So my mom, daughter and i spent Monday walking thru all their beautiful gardens.
I put my camera skills to the test and came up with these beauties.

I think i really impressed my hubby with my photos.  Tonight he met me at the camera store in Oakbrook and bought me some of the equipment on my wish list.  And here i thought i had to wait until Christmas!
I got a 18-40mm wide angle lens that will let me take those wide sweeping landscape photos.  i also got a great polarizing filter that will help get those deep blue sky shots!  We looked at a new body, but i do think Santa will have to bring me that!

Tomorrow i am off to Wisconsin to hike some trails there...just can not get enough of this nice weather!

"I meant to do my work today,
but a brown bird was in the apple tree,
and a butterfly flitted across the field,
and all the flowers were calling me."
~adapted from Richard Le Gallienne

Until next time...

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