Monday, October 10, 2011

nada barn sale...

It was the perfect evening...the temps were warm but no humidity... an absolute lovely October night.  My friend, Louise and I were headed west, way west, to the Nada Barn sale. It is out in the country so far from any was like God's country.   I had been to this event last year, and to my delight it had grown with more vendors.  But so had the customers, cars were parked everywhere along the country road.  I was in heaven while i devoured all the sights the sale had to offer.  I found my inner self saying "do you really need this?"  None of the items i needed, but there were several that found their way home with me.  I found the perfect chair for my laundry room, a stunning vintage piano panel that i plan to hang in the guest bedroom, a lovely bunch of lavender, some unusual ribbon and a vintage pitcher.
The setting for the sale was wonder Midwest Living did an article on this sale in their last issue.  This year that added classes you could take in adjoining barns.  I think next year i need to look into those!

The theme this week for Kim Klassen's texture hop is the colour red.  I was planning on photographing some of those changing leaves that are dotting our landscape.  But when i saw the nada barn, i just knew i had to photograph it!  Can you imagine looking out at this scene from your back porch every evening?  sigh...

I did some work on this photo.  I used the adjustment levels to increase the darks and midtones.  This gave the photo such warmth.  I also deepened the colour of the sky using the colour enhancement. The skies really did look like this that i said it was the perfect night!    Then i applied the February magic  texture using the screen mode at 40% opacity.  I applied it again but this time i used the soft light at about 30%.  I used my eraser to remove some of the textures off of the barn. 

I would have loved to take some photos inside the barn to show you all the goodies for sale, but it was just too crowded.  Just trust me that the drive was well worth our time!
After our shopping we drove back to civilization and found a real cute restaurant for dinner.  We were lucky enough to sit outside on their patio. I so enjoyed a great meal on a warm October evening with a good friend.

friends are kisses blown to us by angels. ~Author Unknown

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  1. Beautiful photo. Great use of the textures.

  2. Simply gorgeous! oh how I would love to go to that sale!

  3. wow fabulous wish I was at that sale

  4. Looks like it was a beautiful evening. Love your photo and your use of texture.

  5. color me green with envy - the sale sounds like a fabulous event!

    The barn photo is great too. The texture you chose really enhances it.

  6. it's beautiful! I just adore old barns. oh how I wish I knew where the Nada place was, which State, city, etc. it was in.


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