Tuesday, November 15, 2011

almost there...

It is texture tuesday once again. 
 This week we needed to apply at least one layer of Kim Klassen's newest texture, Pheobe.

This is a photo of my well loved and worn out shelling shoes.  They are down on Sanibel Island just waiting for my return this week!  They have some holes, where my tootsies poke thru and the colour has all faded...but they are like an old friend.  They have never failed me on my quest each day for that perfect shell and i will never trade them in for a new shiny pair.
Once i put them on, i can shell for hours on the beautiful beaches of the island.  I never know what that next wave may wash unto shore for me to discover. 

For today's challange i desaturated the photo some to give it more of a muted tone.  I then applied the new Phoebe texture, February Magic Edges and Shades of November.  On each layer i lower the opacity somewhat and erased some of the texture off my shelling shoes.  I added a final layer to add the text.
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using the beautiful Phoebe texture.

Wish us luck on our travels.  This is the first year in almost 30 years of visiting the island, that we are driving.  We waited too long to purchase our airline tickets...the price was out of sight!  And we have our doodlebug to consider.  I just could not bear the thought of having him down with the luggage.  So we are all piling in the car and making the 22 hour drive down.  This will be one long road trip.
But it will be so worth it, when i step into my old shelling shoes
and walk those beautiful beaches again!!

"The best things in life comes in threes...like old friends, dreams and memories."
~author unknown~

Until my return...


  1. HI Nancy! Love this image. And the words just complete it. Great processing! Good luck and have a great vaca!! :)

  2. Beautiful image! I'm envious of your trip...but probably not the long drive. ;-) Have a wonderful time!

  3. Such a beautiful capture! Have a wonderful time there! Sanibel Island... sigh... :-)))

  4. great composition and image; textures sure make ordinary beautiful. thank you, kareninkenai

  5. I very much enjoyed reading about your shelling shoes and it makes me long for the beach again. I love the softness of your image...beautifully done.

  6. Lovely picture! Have fun on your trip!

  7. Lovely image and processing! have fun shelling when you get there!

  8. really beautiful texture work here!!

  9. Lovely texture work! Hope you find some special shells!

  10. Great image and I love the story that goes with them.

  11. I love your photograph, the texture and your story about them. Your words make me love those shoes, and I can see you on the beach shelling. I hope that you have a wonderful trip, and good weather for your drive. Once my husband and I drove to Nova Scotia and took our car on the ferry there. It was nice having our car with us, it made me feel safer somehow.

    Wishing you lots of shelling adventure on your vacation.

  12. Oh, how I wish that I was going to the beach. Lucky you! I enjoyed the story about your shelling shoes. I have a sweatshirt that I feel the same way about :)

  13. What a lovely, dreamy image. I'll be dreaming of the beach while you're visiting there. Have a wonderful time, and please bring back some pictures.

  14. wow! nice place. love your sneakers!

  15. love your shoes. great beachy shot!


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