Sunday, November 13, 2011

under the streetlamp...

It is Sunday night and we just spent the most electrifying evening
 that i just had to blog about it!
This past spring i bought tickets for Fathers' Day to go to see "Under the Streetlamp".  The Jersey Boys is my hubby's all time favorite performance.  Once the show closed in Chicago, the original group started another show...Under the Streetlamp.  The  sold out concert was tonight and it was fantastic!

Songs they sang included...
Oh, What a Night,
I Wonder Why,
 Blue Moon,
In the Still of the Night,
 Pretty Woman,
Hey Jude,
The Heart of Rock and Roll,
and my all time favorite...At Last...this was the song my son and i
danced to at his wedding, he and Rachel had dated 9 years so
this song was just so appropriate!

This is one high energetic group with incredible harmony.  The songs they sang were unforgettable oldies. If you get a chance to go see them, i promise that you will not be disappointed.
 The great news is that they will be aired on WTTW in Chicago
 towards the end of February. 
And Jersey Boys is coming back to Chicago next year! 
 I know that i will be first in line to buy tickets.  We just can not get enough of these guys!
Check out their website here!

"today's music ain't got the same soul..."
~bob seger~

I will be rockin on until next time...

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