Tuesday, November 29, 2011

canine good citizen...

 Jake and i passed the canine good citizen test last night!
Doesn't he look so darn cute?  The ribbon is almost bigger than he is!
boy was i nervous.  I kept telling myself that it was alright if we did not pass the test.  He could always take it again the next time it was offered.  But still i was so hoping he would pass.  We have trained with this class for 8 weeks now.  He had to pass all 10 items.
If he failed just one part, he would fail the whole test.

1. be accepting of a friendly stranger
2. sit politely for petting
3. be allowed to be groomed and examined
4. walk with a loose lead...no pulling
5. walk thru a crowd politely
6. sit and down on command and stay
7. come when called
8. be polite around another dog
9. must be calm with a noise or distraction
10. must be calm during a 3 minute supervised separation from the owner

Now we are on to the companion dog classes.  Our goal is for Jake to become a therapy dog.  He needs a bit more maturity.  Afterall he is only a 10 month old puppy.  And he can still get into all kinds of mischief at home!  But that is what is so fun about him...i am not looking for perfection, just a well behaved loving companion!

Happiness is a warm puppy.
~Charles M. Schulz-

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