Friday, December 2, 2011

the sanibel thriller...

We took a cruise around the islands on the Sanibel Thriller.  The co-captain gives a narrated tour on the history of these islands and also a dolphin watch.  It is a race boat that holds 45 passengers and goes at top speeds at 140mph! 
 However, during the tour the boat "only" goes about 40mph.  Believe me, that is way fast enough for me!
Here she is docked and ready to go. 
  We were lucky to have a beautiful sunny day with calm winds.

Within 15 minutes into the tour, the captain spotted a pod of dolphin.  Apparently the dolphin  love to ride and play in the Thriller's wake.  I could not believe how close we were to these amazing creatures and how many there were! 
 I also could not believe how many great photos i got!  The boat was speeding and bumping along and the dolphin were really active!  I had my long lens with an image stabilizer on my DSLR.  This lens did the job.  I got alot of unbelievable clear focused shots!  I probably took  about 75 shots, and 50 came out perfect....i will only bore you with a sampling. :~)

Also amazing are the homes along the beachfront of Sanibel and Captivia.  These homes can only be seen from the water.  One home we passed was 27,000 square feet.  Its mater bedroom is the size of my entire home!  Can you image??? 
 The average price of the homes on the beachfront is 4-25 million!!!
It was sure fun peeking into all the backyards.

The tour lasted 21/2 hours.  It was worth every penny we spent. 
 In fact, someday i would love to take the ride again!
The ride ended as we headed back into the Sanibel marina and lunch at Grandma's Dots.

What a beautiful ending to a perfect day!
until next time...

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  1. The dolphin photos are amazing! Looks like such a beautiful place!


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