Monday, November 7, 2011

it takes two...

It is texture Tuesday again with Kim Klassen.  Our challenge this week was to photograph something related to "two" and apply her beautiful textures.
  Today was a bleak day here in rain, but no sun.  I found myself outside even though it is cloudy and damp, just trying to soak up the remaining outdoor weather while i can.
I so dread the winter with its bitter winds, heavy snow and cloudy days.  The cold just seems to settle in me. 
I went for a walk with my daughter and my doodlebug to take some pictures.  Even though Jake is only nine months, he has learned to sit patiently while i do my photography...what a good doggie!
We headed for the Japanese Gardens just down the street from us in hopes of finding something i could photograph for today's prompt...two. 
I was planning on taking a photo of two leaves, but as i walked i came across a rose bed with some bright red roses still alive!  The colour caught my eye right away.  I just loved these two beautiful roses against the dried grasses in the backround.  It was perfect for today's prompt.
I applied Kim's new texture, Phoebe, using the soft light blending mode at about 50%.  I then applied her CrackerJack texture, again using the soft light. 
I played around using the text tool in PSE and added the beautiful quote from John Keats.
I found that if i looked around i could still find such beauty among the fall decay!
That sure made my day!!

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Until next time...


  1. What a beautiful quote by Keats. It compliments the amazing and fragile picture of these two rosebuds. The texture work is so nice!
    Greetings from Switzerland,

  2. Love the double rose. Great post processing.

  3. lovely rose buds and beautiful texture work!

  4. Beautiful!! Love the picture and the edit. Great job!

  5. Lovely job on these! Very subtle...

  6. So beautiful, lovely rose buds and great quote !
    Nice evening,

  7. wonderful image from chicago there! love the processing. thanks bunches from Alaska. kareninkenai

  8. Yours are still blooming...beautiful capture!

  9. Such a beautiful background with these roses. It adds so much movement.

  10. Lovely editing and texture!


  11. Wonderful DOF and texture work!


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