Sunday, November 6, 2011

texture loving...

Week 37 of picture inspiration. 
 How fast does the time go? Have you all been feeling this way or is it just me?
 I have been spending my days outside as much as possible.  We have had beautiful weather and i just need to soak it all in before it blows away.  Rumour has it that this is going to be a rough winter here in Chicagoland.  Oh, i so hope it is just all talk. 
With the time change last night, i know we are just another step closer to the dreaded winter weather.  Days are shorter and those nights just seem to go on forever.  Time to light up the fireplace once again and start to nest and knit.

This week's prompt is Texture Loving.  Two of my favorite on line people have gotten together...Tracey Clark, from picture inspiration and Kim Klassen, from the Kim Klassen Cafe.  Kim provided us with a video tutorial on how to apply her delicious textures and gave us three textures to "play with". 
This was my submission for this week.  My daughter in law gave me a vintage stand that i love.  This fall I have three small white pumpkins in each spot nestled in a bed of lavender.  I bumped up the saturation that gave the lavender just a increase of that rich purple colour.  I then applied Kim's Sienna texture using the soft mode at about 50% and once again using the multiply mode at about 30%.  i erased some of the texture off the pumpkin so it would stand out.
The textures can give such a dreamy quality to a photo...don't you think?

Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth,
 for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire:
 it is the time for home.
 ~Edith Sitwell
Until next time...

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