Sunday, January 8, 2012

finding my eye...

It is a new year and i have several new courses that i am involved in!  I just love taking classes, especially after the holidays, when the weather is so cold and the days are short.  I love to nest inside and get inspired with new ideas.

Maybe you noticed one of my new gadgets on my sidebar...Find Your courses with heart and soul.
  This class is geared to help us develop our own style of photography.  It is not about the" how to" but more about the "what"....what inspires us.

Our first assignment is to answer a seemingly simple question...
Why do we take photographs?
I went to bed thinking and even dreaming about this question.  Trying to figure out just what does inspire me to take photos. 

I came up with acouple of reasons.
The first is to connect with moments in my life.  Times that i want to capture and remember.  Happy times...special occasions, smiles, ordinary moments, laughter.  Times i can look back on that warm my heart. 

Yesterday was my mother's 85th birthday celebration.  Maybe it is not the "best" photo technically, but it sure does warm my heart ... a very special day indeed! 
 Hope her wish comes true!

The second reason i take photos is to breathe in the beauty surrounding me.  It is absolutely everywhere.  My camera helps me to focus on finding beauty even in the most unlikely places.  It makes me slow down, step away from my daily chores and obligations and just enjoy.

For today, these are my reasons.  I am sure i will come up with more as this course continues.  I can tell already that i am going to love this journey!

“Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.”
~matsuo basho~

 until next time...



  1. Hello Nancy Jean, you have captured your grandmother's 85th birthday so beautifully, just at the moment when she seems to be making a secret wish!
    The second nature shot is so lovely in detail as the seeds detach themselves to fly away. It's peaceful yet shows gentle movement.

  2. Hi Nancy Jean, your pictures look wonderful. I'm not surprised your picture of your mum on her birthday warms your heart. It is a great moment to capture.
    I love your 2nd shot too.It's amazing the beauty that is out there. Keep shooting - pictures I mean :))

  3. Hi Nancy Jean, that photo of your Mom is priceless; you caught it at the perfect moment, and I'm sure you'll treasure for a very long time. I love your thoughtful statement of why you photograph.

  4. Hi Nancy Jean, what a special moment you captured of your mom. She looks like a precious lady. The beauty of the world is waiting for all photographers like us to get out there and capture it. It's ver exciting to be on the Find My Eye journey with you!

  5. I love the picture of your mom! The color tones of the picture reflect the warmth that you feel for her. I also love the direct focus across the birthday cake - it totally puts us in the moment.

    This phrase "It makes me slow down, step away from my daily chores and obligations and just enjoy" really struck me. I think it's so essential to have those hobbies, people, etc. that make us really appreciate what's around us. Totally agreed with your sentiments!

  6. Nancy Jean I love your reasons for taking photographs, it really translates through your images, the one of your mum is most definately priceless, what a treasure!!

  7. What you have written is very well said. Your photo of your Mom is wonderful. It is a photo to cherish because it captures a moment in time. The seedpod is a terrific macro. It definitely is a a beauty that is often overlooked.

  8. Hello Nancy Jean, sorry I mixed up the word grandmother and mother. Please forgive me. I read your caption too quickly. It takes nothing away from the value of the sweet photo.

  9. What an amazing photo of your mother! I love it. It shows her and your relationship to her comes through in the capture. I love the little smile on her face as she makes her wish, what a wonderful moment. I am so happy to see how clear you are about why you practice photography, it comes through in your images. So happy to have you starting the journey!

  10. I agree with you that photography helps connect the moments of life for us to look back upon with warm remembrance. I love the pic of your Mom, what a great moment to capture, we still get a chance to wish no matter how old we get! The detail on the milkweed is wonderful, I love to connect with nature in photography too :)

  11. Like Belle, I also really responded to your comment about slowing down and enjoying the moment. The detail in the seedpod photograph does make time stop.

  12. "To connect with the moments of my life"...such simple yet profound words. I just completed a photo restoration and family tree project with some recently discovered family archival pictures. I thank God someone had the foresight to take all those photos, because generations later I am able to rejoice in them. Todays "moments" are the futures "discoveries",

  13. Hi Nancy Jean - it's nice to meet you. Your photograph of your mother makes me smile. We all tend to look at pictures of ourselve so critically. I hope she likes hers. Please tell her she is lovely and she made me smile. You did indeed capture the moment perfectly. And cupcakes...mmmm!

  14. "breathe in the beauty" --- that is what I wish to learn through photography this year!

    I think the picture of your mother is simply precious. My mom passed away last March and the photos that I have are priceless to me and my children.

  15. the photo of your mother is so fantastic, so well captured..a picture I would hang on the wall..this photo really connects moments of life!

  16. Hi Nancy, love this photo.. you have captured your mom's face so beautifully!

  17. Love the pine cone photo! I think we all share a common bond of wanting to capture the beauty around us!


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