Sunday, January 22, 2012

just enough...

i am taking a class, Beyond Layers, from the wonderful Kim Klassen.  It is a twelve month photographic journey.  It encourages us to look deeper within ourselves and our photography. 
Our first assignment was to write Our Story.  Our photographic prompt is to apply her wonderful textures with a light hand.  So many times, when we are introduced to a new idea we want to keep adding and experimenting.  And all we might end up with is a muddy mess.  Today Kim is encouraging us to add just alittle texture, just enough to enhance our photo. 

Less is best!

The older i get, the more i have come to realize that less is best in my own life.  I am finding myself throwing out, paring down, and looking for simplicity.  My basement is full of items for goodwill, all piled up waiting for me to load up the car.
A small voice is still asking if i may need these things someday.  I am trying so hard to ignore it and just get rid of the clutter.
As far as new items, i am shopping very carefully now. I have become very selective in my choices.  Some may call me cheap, i prefer to think of myself as wise!

In my photo today, i desaturated it to 70%  and decreased the hue also.  This softened up the original photo and left just a hint of colour.  I then added february magic edges using the screen mode.  I always love the soft edges this creates.  Now to the texture,  I tried many, but finally chose Awaken, using the multiply mode with 40% opacity.  This gave the photo just a hint of colour.  I added the quote using a new layer just to finish it off. 
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"a bird a nest, a spider a web, a man friendship"
~author unknown~

Until next time...


  1. Incredible image! The subject is interesting and you've done a wonderful job processing it. I'm so looking forward to this artistic journey with Kim's class.

  2. Really lovely, and I am right there with you on the pairing down and making wise choices.

  3. This is awesome, how beautiful - you have definitely inspired me, I will be dropping in to see your work on a regular basis (hope you don't mind). I'm still trying to dig up enough courage to do my task - never merged a texture with an image yet - there is always a first time though. I have never had a blog, never had a flickr account, had no idea about gadgets - but here I am.... looking forward to the exponential growth from the Beyond Layers journey and to be part of such wonderful work/inspiration. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Blessings always..... Debbie


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