Tuesday, January 24, 2012

my story...

Last week in our Beyond Layers class, we were challenged to write our story. 
 Everyone has a story to tell. 
 I am not sure i am ready to "publish" mine  yet.  But i have given "my story" alot of thought.

This weeks prompt is to write "you...in six words".   Sometimes just a few words is all we need to express ourselves.  Back in November 2006, Larry Smith challenged his readers to describe their life in six words.  The six-word memoir has become a phenomenon.  Five years now and it is still growing strong.  Be sure to check out his web-site here for total inspiration.

"my life spins around her"

After much thought, i keep coming back to these five little words. okay, i know what you are thinking...not six...oh well!   They truly do sum up my life.  Every parent's worst nightmare happened to us back in 1988, she was weeks away from her fourth birthday.  Since that time, 23 years ago, it has been an upward challenge for her and for me.  My whole life does spin around her. 
Even though it has been such a struggle, when i look back over the years, i find that it has also been so rewarding.  To watch her fight her way back...to learn and grow.  It all has been just amazing. 
As a young adult now, she still looks at the world with wonder and genuine excitement at what we would consider the most common things. She makes me stop and enjoy the simple pleasures around us! 
 a beautiful sunset, a bird in flight, collecting shells along the beach, walks with our doddlebug, reading together, the delight of the holidays...the list goes on and on. 
She is my mission in my life... she is what defines me.

Today i am also linking up with Texture Tuesday as our prompt is "story".  Be sure to click here to see photographic stories!

"Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking your potential."
~Winston Churchill~

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  1. What a touching post...your five words are so very powerful. Your daughter sounds like an incredible person, and you sound like a fantastic mother. How lucky you are to have each other! And your image supports your words perfectly. Thank you for sharing...isn't the Beyond Layers class amazing? :)

    Sherri (a fellow BL student)

  2. From what you have written...I'm thinking the 6th word should be "love". It sounds like both you and your daughter are two incredibly lucky people to have a love of that magnitude in your lives :)


  3. 5 words is straight to the point and is perfect and it is touching. The post alone gave me some little goosebumps.
    I love your image focusing on the word, and the texture you added is perfect.

  4. Thank you for sharing a bit of your story. Your image and story...touching. Love does come through strongly. The Winston Churchill quote is a new one to me; I like it.

  5. The bit of your story, your photos...beautiful, tender, touching...my family voluteers at a therapeutic riding center, and we have several students who's lives and their family's were changed forever due to circumstances beyond anyone's control...I encourage you to continue to tell the story, it is so healing and there is so much support...

    So glad we are on this journey of life and photography together! (Beyond Layers)

  6. Your 5 word story is really touching and brought tears to my eyes... Also the image is so beautiful.
    See you at Beyong Layers! :)

  7. I don't think you could've chosen a more appropriate set of words to describe your life. What a truly touching story. I absolutely love what you've done with this photo.

  8. Beautiful photo and touching words.

    I hope you're enjoying Beyond Layers as much as I am. :)


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