Sunday, February 19, 2012

the next chapter...

Picture Inspiration...Week 52
The Next Chapter

Oh my goodness...Picture Inspiration class is now over. 
There will be no more inspirational prompts coming to my inbox each week. 
I am so grateful for an amazing 52 weeks
filled with inspiration, photography and community.

Our last assignment is to photograph a chapter ending or a new one beginning.
I chose to photograph my new album.
It is empty and waiting to be filled with photos of my next journey.

Starting in March i am taking a "toy camera" class
 filled with ideas to enhance my photos with that vintage feel.
In April the next big picture class and white photography!
It will feel alittle odd taking black/white photos during springtime when everything
is popping with colour.  But i do know that this type of photography can
be so dramatic!

I will miss some of the friends i have made on this journey. 
 But i am hoping to see their smiling faces at some of these next classes.  It is amazing how you can be so connected with  world wide internet friends!
Their photos and encouraging words have really motivated me.

"when one thing ends, another thing begins.
Sometimes ending hurts but a new beginning is worth the pain."
~wilson kanadi~

until next time,

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  1. I feel the same way. It was a wonderful journey together! I'm so glad you're doing OLW and B/W in April. Me too!


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