Friday, February 17, 2012

painterly effects...

"i dream of painting
and then i paint my dreams"
~vincent Van Gogh~

We had another Beyond Layers lesson with Kim Klassen today.
Our challenge was to create a painterly effect on one of our photos. 
i know i will never be a painter, but with the magic of photoshop i can play with filters and layers to get a wonderful painterly effect!

I tried the method Kim suggested, but i could not the desired into my numerous photoshop books i went to see what else i could find.
The one thing i have learned about photoshop is that there are many ways of achieving the same or similar result. 
Here i used the artistic filters; bubble wrap and cut~out.  The result has a painterly effect but without much colour.
  So then you can create a new layer, then using the blend mode, select color.
This has the amazing magic of adding the color back.
You can play with the opacity to give the desired softness
My final step was to add Kim's vintage texture.

Below is my original photo.

so maybe, i can become a painter afterall...

until next time...


  1. Nice job Nancy! Now that I bought PSE10, I think Kim's texture class will be next on my learning list. Being creative is what it's all about, and you certainly are.

  2. Wow, I think you did a great job on this! Very artistic!
    Thank you for visiting my Flickr page on Texture Tiesday.


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