Wednesday, February 29, 2012

ten truths...

I am enrolled in Kim Klassen's wonderful Beyond Layers e~class which i love, love, love and hope that it never ends!  I have learned so much from her these past few weeks, and we still have the rest of the year to go!
Our challenge this week is ten truths about ourselves.  Yikes! 
Not so sure i am ready to put "it all" out there in blogland, but here goes...
1.  I am a homebody.  I am always so content to putter around my home.  I love it here!
which leads me to #2...
2.  About 5 years ago, we bought my parent's home in a quaint town outside of Chicago. 
We always loved this house and when it came on the market, we bought it the next day!
which then leads to #3
3.  The home is about 30 years old and needed some updating.  So ever since we moved in we have had one project or another going. 
 Last year was a biggie...all new windows, new roof and
gutters, siding:  just about everything on the outside! I must say, it turned out beautiful thanks to an amazing general contractor.  Absolutely no problems during the three month re~do.
Most of the interior has been redone also!  I think we are down to just one bathroom to
remodel and we are finished!
4.  Most days you can find me walking downtown.  I put on my trusty Nike's, a credit card
and cell phone in my pocket, my camera at my side and off i go.
5. We bought an adorable doggie last year.  Jake is a F1B godlendoddle ( in other words
a toy)  He is now full grown and weighs in at about 25 lbs.  He loves to train and has kept
me busy at the ring this year!
6. I have two grown children that are complete opposites. 
 One has his doctorate and is now completing his PhD in medical research.  He just married the love of his life.  We could not be more happy for them!
 My other child has special needs. 
She may not have the smarts like her brother, but she certainly has her own talents. 
They light up our life!
7.  I love to knit...hence the picture.  I find that if i am having a stressful day and need
to unwind, knitting is the answer for me.  I am always so content to have a ball of yarn
and two knitting needles at my side.
8.  I love photography!  I find it so rewarding to be able to capture that "perfect photo".
9.  I too am an eCourse junkie.  I have learned so much from all of these courses and have made some wonderful connections with others!
and last but not least...
10.  I have been married for over 30 years to a wonderful man and we are still growing strong!  sigh...
Well, there you have it...10 truths about me!
Until next time...


  1. What a great list and a nice idea to let one truth progress to the next. I must admit that the internet has been an exciting place of learning for me too, not only with ecourses, but reading name it! You have a full life; thanks for sharing snippets of it with us!

    Sue from New Bern

  2. I totally agree with you on Kim's class ... wow ... loving it very much too. Great list. Sounds like the projects will keep you amused for a while. Good luck. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great list . . .I am with you on house updates--it's as if it never ends; we have a project every year. I live in a house that is more than 140 years old (but hopefully it doesn't look like it anymore). I am loving Kim's course, too!

  4. I enjoyed reading your list and getting to know a little about you. I can see how knitting could be relaxing - I can tell by your image that it's special to you. Lovely composition and uplifting colors! Beautifully done!

  5. What a fun list. I wish I had both the talent AND patience to knit. I don't think I can sit still long enough tho.

  6. It was so nice to learn more about you. I love that even with grown children out of the house, you continue to learn and evolve.
    Your photo is beautiful - I wish I had the discipline to knit....

  7. Making new friends is great fun . . . I so enjoyed reading all about you. Your knitting photo is lovely and a great encouragement to me as I have signed up for a class to learn to knit this month. Your home sounds divine and your life sounds like one of many blessings. Looking forward to seeing more of your photos!


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