Friday, March 2, 2012

puppy love...

March 1st...and time for another photo~heart connection!
After looking over all the photos i took this past month, i have to say,
 this by far is my favorite love photo.

Can you tell which teddy is real? 
My doddlebug is right in the middle of all the stuffed animals.
He is only one year old and usually very active.
but that day he posed so well at our photo shoot!

Jake is our toy goldendoodle.  His mother is a mini goldendoodle and his father a toy poodle.  He is so lovable and has a super soft coat.  His best days are when he is at the ring training!  Right now we are teaching him to put his toys away!  I could not even get my kids to do this when they were young...-:) 
 He has been given a Canine Good Citizen award and now we are doing more obedience training.  Our goal is have him become a therapy dog.  But right now, he still has alittle too much puppy in him.
He has brought us so much joy!  We all love to snuggle and get
those wonderful puppy kisses. 
Jake has captured our heart for sure!

I am submitting my photo over at Kat~Eye Studio for her photo~heart connection. 
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  1. Your photo of Jake is just priceless! How adorable! Sounds like he will make a wonderful therapy dog. I enjoyed reading your story.

  2. Such a cute photo!! Can't believe he stayed still long enough for you. Sounds like he has a great future.

  3. Giggle - - seriously I laughed out loud. So adorable!

  4. Ah, what a cute photo! Looks like he will make a wonderful theraphy dog!! I can just see people running their hands through his soft hair!!

  5. What a heart-warming photo. My pets bring me such joy-I can tell your Jake does the same for you. My next dog is going to be something smaller-I love me my labradors, but they are too big for me. If something happens I can't pick them up by myself. This breed sounds like a winner.

  6. I love the softness of this photo! I had to look closely to find the "real" animal, you did such a great job of composing and processing this. Your description of him along with your photo just makes me smile. What a wonderful bit of joy and love to have in your life! Thanks for sharing in the Photo-Heart Connection.

  7. What an adorable photo! He looks like a bundle of love! So great that you are training him to help others. Enjoy!

  8. Cuddly shot! Such a cute puppy. The obedience training must be paying off. When our dog was a puppy she would have been trying to chew on all of those stuffed animals :)

  9. Touches my heart and soul, too.


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