Sunday, March 18, 2012

blossoming souls...

My Beyond Layers class continues to inspire me.  Kim Klassen has not only giving us alot of photographic ideas but also she is encouraging us to look within ourselves and discover.  This week we were encouraged to share our fears.  It is fear that can keep us from moving forward.
We are encouraged to push thru our fears and celebrate our results.

I am not sure that i am ready to put my fears out there in blogland,
but I have given it alot of thought!

Our photographic assignment was to process our photos in black and white. 
With the incredible warm weather here in Chicagoland, everything outside is popping.  Almost everyday you can see a new flower opening up.  And to think it is only March!
So not to celebrate all that colour seemed alittle strange to me. 
But black and white can be so beautiful and so timeless.
Take the colour away and your eye focuses on the detail. 
I think i am going to enjoy discovering this beauty of black and white!

Until next time...

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