Thursday, March 29, 2012

you frame it...

"thought is the blossom;
language the bud;
action the fruit behind it"
~ralph waldo emerson~

What a wonderful spring day!  It was a little cold and not much sun, but that did not matter; we were at the Morton Arboretum for a photo walk! 
Each week something new is blooming in their gorgeous gardens. 
This week the cherry blossoms, red buds and the crab trees were in full bloom.  I could spend the whole day walking with my camera at my side. 
I am not sure if this spring is more spectacular than other years or is it that i am just seeing the beauty more thru the lens of my camera.
As we were walking, we discovered Daffodil Glen.   There are literally thousands of daffodils in bloom.  I am definitely going back this weekend with my tripod.  I think there beauty will last only another week or so. 
When i got home we had a meeting with our landscape designer.  They worked on our front yard last fall and now we are about to start phase 2.  They are finishing the front and putting a healing garden on our side yard.  I can not wait for them to get started!  What a perfect day!
When i finally got inside and sat down at my laptop,  i found that the wonderful Kim Klassen had a tutorial for framing our photos in PSE.  I used one of her techniques on my cherry blossom image.  This frame creates soft dreamy edges around the image.  I know this is something i will use often!  Thank you again, Kim!
Until next time...

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  1. Beautiful image! Love the soft frame! Lucky you having Spring I have Autumn, miss the cherry blossoms!


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