Sunday, April 1, 2012

photo heart springtime connection...

"spring is when life's alive in everything"
~christina rossetti~

It is the first of the month and that means one thing...time for another photo~heart connection.
I reviewed all my photos that i took last month to see which one i stood out...
you know, that one that tugs at your heart. 

Spring arrived last month and with it an explosion of colour.  The temperatures were record breaking day after day.  Everything was alive with colour...the crocus, tulips, daffodils, crab trees, the red buds...sigh...
Everyday i took a walk with my camera at my side photographing all the changes of the season. It is wonderful to be able to get outside again after our winter;. to work out in the flower beds, take long walks with my doodlebug, yes,even weeding is fun!  
The return of longer days, the sunshine,the warmth, the colour; all awakens my soul and inspires me.

for first few months of the year, i had felt  so
uncreative. Taking photos had become a chore and i was struggling trying to push thru this block.
But now with springtime i feel excited again, itching to get behind the lens!
So when i looked back over my photos,
 i decided i just had to make a collage of
 the colours of springtime.

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 I am sure it will inspire you to pick up your camera and shoot!

Until next time...


  1. i can completely relate to your words here. the longer days and the flowers blooming have recharged me too. your collage is beautiful...fantastic colors!

  2. I love it when Spring speaks to me for the first few weeks. It is as if the earth has awoken from a long nap!

  3. hi said it perfectly!!

  4. Beautiful mosaic and tribute to Spring! Your words and pictures really captured the energy and excitement of this season.

  5. How perfect for PHC. I too remarked on the wonderful March weather as inspiration. Your spring is ahead of mine, so thank you for sharing such glorious colours.

  6. Love the spring time images, winter always seems so long and grey here in VA so its lovely to see some color.

  7. Oh lovely photos! I love the composite of the three, and it a perfect complement to your words. I can feel the "spring" in your step that the weather is bringing! Thank you so much for joining the Photo-Heart Connection again this month.

  8. Your lovely bright colors capture the hopefulness of spring

  9. I love the sense of joy that spring brings. You captured so well in these photos. They are a lovely collection for PHC for March.

  10. Lovely post and gorgeous photos! I've enjoyed the beautiful colors of spring this year, too!

  11. I really like the photos of your spring flowers, and the collage of them is just perfect. With your words, I can sense the freshness of the new season, how it lifts you up. This is a great photo-heart connection!

  12. I love this spring collage -- so "purply" and bright.

  13. I love all of the seasons but this year so far spring is my favorite. Everything is so bright and colorful and new. Your pictures capture the beauty perfectly.

  14. You sure captured Spring in these photos. Beautifully done.

  15. We don't get much in the way of season changes where I am, each one pretty much runs into the next. I miss that cycle very much. Your images are beautiful, the color vibrant and filled with thoughts of Spring. I think that perhaps you have inspired me to pick some potted tulips at the grocery and enjoy them in my home. Have a lovely day!

  16. Beautiful spring photos! We had a little teaser week of warm weather, but it has been chilly here. Right now I have srping fever. It is so wonderful when the warm weather comes and people appear everywhere, walking, jogging, gardening, soaking up the sun...photographing....

  17. I myself can't stop taking photos of all those pretty spring flowers. Love yours as well.
    Thanks for sharing!

  18. I love the way you've combined the three photos together and the colours are so fresh and alive and vibrant. I like the vibrance in your words too as you experience the great joy you feel on the return of the wonderful spring season!


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